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Did you know that Honeywell makes a wide variety of projects to help you keep your home clean, safe and healthy?Thermostatsair-cleaninghumidifiersdehumidifiersventilation, security systems, portable fans and heaters, and even door chimes!

Honeywell’s roots go back to 1885, when Albert Butz patented a device to regulate furnaces. He formed a company called Butz Thermo-Electric Regulator Co., in Minneapolis on April 23, 1886. A few weeks later he invented a simple but ingenious device called the "damper flapper."

Honeywell Ann Arbor – Honeywell and the First Automatic Thermostat

Here's how the damper flapper worked. When the room cooled below a set temperature, a thermostat triggered the operation of a small motor. The operation of the motor turned the main motor shaft about 180 degrees, and the shaft pulled a chain connected to the furnace's air damper. This let air in, and the fire burn hotter. When the air temperature reached the desired level, the process was reversed, which closed the damper and lowered the heat. This was one of the first automatic systems for regulating temperature. Since that time, many Honeywell products have been based upon closed-loop systems.

Butz’s patents were acquired by a business named The Consolidated Temperature Controlling Co. By 1893 it renamed itself the Electric Heat Regulator Co. Honeywell’s well known thermostat was featured in the ad run by the company in 1895. W. R. Sweatt bought the company in 1898, and he changed the name to the Minneapolis Heat Regulator Company. Later he expanded the product line and patented the first electric motor approved by Underwriters Laboratories.

Honeywell Ann Arbor – The Growth of Honeywell and its Expansion

The Minneapolis Heat Regulator Company merged with the Honeywell Heating Specialty Co. in 1927. The new company was called the Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Co. It became known for, among other things, high-quality jeweled clocks. W. R. Sweatt became Chairman and Mark Honeywell became President. Later the company acquired Brown Instrument Co., a major player in industrial controls and indicators.

The company acquired Time-O-Stat Controls Corporation in 1934 and began to expand around the globe. The first overseas office was opened in Toronto, Canada, and the first European subsidiary was opened in the Netherlands. Within a few years, other offices opened in London and Stockholm. By 1972, it operated 25 wholly-owned subsidiaries, 142 branch offices, and joint ventures in five countries outside the U.S. In 1993, the company opened affiliates in Abu Dhabi, China, Oman, Romania, and the Ukraine. By 1998, the company had operations in 95 countries through 83 wholly-owned subsidiaries and 13 joint ventures.

Honeywell Ann Arbor – Heating, Cooling, and Safety Systems Installed in Your Home!

CMR Mechanical is a proud supplier and servicer of Honeywell products. If you’d like to learn more about how Honeywell products can make your Ann Arbor home warmer, healthier, or safer, please contact us at info@cmrmechanical.com or call (734) 424-9555. We’re happy to help!

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