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Heating and Cooling in Chelsea, Michigan

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Do you keep up with regular maintenance on your HVAC?

Is it time to schedule a check-up?

Here are a few signs your HVAC requires maintenance

●    Unexplained increases on your energy bills
●    Little or no airflow 
●    Loud or unusual noises coming from the unit
●    Frequent recurring problems 
●    Your system is ten or more years old 
●    It’s been a year or more since the last checkup 

Are You in Need of Heating and Cooling Repair in the Chelsea, MI area? 

Whether you’re ready to upgrade your thermostat, in need of an air conditioner repair, or have questions about what type of appliance is the best choice to improve your home, CMR Mechanical can provide your heating and cooling needs in Chelsea, MI! 

Contact us at 734-424-1560 for 24-hour service.

Customer Center: 3611 Central Street Dexter, MI 48130

(Please do not send payment to our warehouse; Customers, please visit our main office on Central Street)

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Download our Free Buyer's Guide Today!