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When Eric and Jo Ann decided to build a new home, they set their sights on building a “passive” house.“My wife and I feel very passionately about the environment. And we had been looking into building an energy-efficient house because I’m an engineer,” said Eric. “Passive house is an analytically-designed home that has proven performance before you even lift a ...

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Bryant Evolution System

This Bryant Evolution System is 97 percent efficient. We also installed a Bryant Evolution 19 SEER air conditioner with a humidifier, AprilAire dehumidifier, and a new water heater.If you’re in the market for a new bryant furnace in Ann Arbor or the surrounding areas, please contact us today! (734) 424-9555. ...

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6 Zone Mitsubishi Heat Pump Installation in Ann Arbor

This home had poor airflow to the bedrooms. The homeowner had researched the Mitsubishi system on the internet and came to us! The Mitsubishi system that we installed will provide heating and cooling throughout the entire home. We were very pleased with how this project turned out. CMR Mechanical is a Diamond Mitsubishi dealer with many years’ experience installing these energy efficient, q...

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Bryant System Replacement

The homeowner had an original 1975 Williamson furnace that had an input of 180,000 BTU’s. To provide an example of how large the furnace was after we disassembled the existing monster of a furnace we took a picture of the heat exchanger of the old furnace next to the new furnace.  The existing furnace was over 100,000 BTU’s too large for the home.   The 50-55% efficie...

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Tankless Water Heater Installation in Ann Arbor

A client contacted CMR Mechanical to give a suggestion on replacing an existing 75 gallon water heater. After educating the customer on the various options available the customer chose a Navien 240A On-Demand Tankless water heater. This water heater will heat all of the domestic hot water for the home and will be extremely energy efficient. This unit qualifies for a federal tax credit. ...

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Mitsubishi Ductless Air Conditioner Project at the Kuhl Home

Greg and Joyce Kuhl have a beautiful home in Milan that has a boiler for hot water heat. Their home didn’t have an existing air conditioning system or ductwork in place. They called CMR Mechanical to provide a proposal to install a Mitsubishi Ductless Heat Pump system that will provide both air conditioning and heating.The system they chose has the ability to heat down to very low temp...

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Ductless Air Conditioner Installation at a Portage Lake Home

This home on Portage Lake had an existing boiler system for heating, but needed a solution for cooling down the home during the summer. There was no existing air conditioning unit or ductwork in the home. CMR Mechanical chose to install a Mitsubishi ductless air conditioner system with 2 indoor units, with an option for a third indoor unit at a later date. The installation of this new sys...

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Mitsubishi Mini Split Powered By Solar Offers Heating and Cooling For an Off Grid Cottage

This newly installed Mitsubishi mini split heating and cooling system was located at a Vacation Rental Home on an off grid cottage in Manchester, Michigan. The Mitsubishi ductless heat pump and entire electrical system in the home use the power of the sun with 30 Mitsubishi Electric Solar panels, and 24 batteries to store the energy. The Mitsubishi Ductless Heat Pump uses the stored energy to hea...

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Trinity Lutheran Church Boiler Replacement

Trinity Lutheran Church consulted with CMR Mechanical to solve their boiler issues. The existing Viessman boilers were 80% efficient and had many mechanical issues. After careful consideration the Church chose to replace the system with Triangle Tube 95% efficient boilers. ...

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Cobblestone Farms Custom Home

Completed in May 2012 this home heating and cooling system has many options. Vertical loop geothermal, in-floor radiant heat, air handlers for air conditioning and a backup hi-efficient boiler. ...

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Zingerman's Farm Heating Ann Arbor Project

We are proud to be actively restoring this property just outside the village of Dexter. CMR Mechanical was asked to install several heating Ann Arbor systems in several buildings. This project will be completed in phases, once done it will be spectacular. ...

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New Construction Triangle Tube Boiler

This new home, located outside Dexter Michigan required a high efficiency boiler with multiple zones. The homeowner added an air handler for air conditioning. ...

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Brown Home Two System Geothermal

This home located in Brighton, Mi. had a very elaborate heating and cooling system. Two 5 ton Climatemaster Geothermal systems were installed along side a 95% efficient Triangle Tube boiler. This system completely heats and cools the home as well as having snow melting capabilities for winter. ...

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95% Efficient Boiler Installation

Replaced a Lochnivar Boiler with a new 95% Efficient Triangle Tube Boiler. This Boiler has Domestic Hot Water capability and it mounts on the wall for space saving in your mechanical room. This unit professionally installed by CMR Mechanical 734-424-9555. ...

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McCrae Closed Loop Geothermal

This closed loop system was installed in the spring of 2011. The 5 ton system replaced two propane furnaces and two air conditioners. The customers also gained the benefit of domestic hot water being made from the waste heat from the geothermal system. ...

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Remodel Boiler with Pex Tubing Infloor Heat

This Ann Arbor home was completely remodeled and the heating system upgraded to a 95% efficient Triangle Tube boiler. Photos show pex tubing used for heating. ...

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Hi-Velocity Air Conditioning System

This home has hot water heat and the homeowners wanted to add air conditioning. The home did not have any ductwork and CMR Mechanical was able to design and build a system in the attic that allowed cool air to be distributed throughout the home. ...

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Dunkirk 84% Boiler Installation

This is a replacement boiler system. A Dunkirk system replaced a 30 plus year old boiler. ...

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CMR Commercial Heating in Ann Arbor Projects

This is a collaboration of commercial projects that CMR has contracted. We offer service on any brand of heating,cooling, or refrigeration unit. Call us today at 734-424-9555. 24 Hour Emergency service at 734-424-1560. ...

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Ductless Heating and Cooling System

This home located in Ann Arbor has a hot water boiler for heating. The home had an existing ductwork system, but the ductwork had extensive mold issues and could not be used for air conditioning. The homeowner requested a ductless system installation. Mitsubishi makes an excellent product and the homeowner is extremely pleased with the installation. ...

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Honeywell Generator Installation

A Homeowner consulted with CMR Mechanical about installing a standby generator for her residence and a farm house located next door. CMR Mechanical installed a 20 KW Honeywell Generator with two transfer switches to power both homes in the event of a power disruption. Honeywell makes one of the quietest generators on the market. ...

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Lake House Closed Loop Geothermal

Climatemaster Closed Loop Geothermal system installation. These pictures show the process of putting in a geothermal system. It requires burying a lot of pipe into the ground. These pipes transfer energy to the geothermal unit which heats and cools your home. As a bonus this system also makes domestic hot water which lowers your water heating bills. ...

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Gilmore Open Loop Geothermal Replacement

Customer had an existing 21 year old Geothermal System that required the use of a drain field. The existing drain field was excavated and the material was removed. New peastone was added to unclog the rust and contaminents that had built up over 21 years of use. Most Open Loop systems do not use a drain field. The water is pumped up from a well, run through the system, and the waste water is drai...

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Heating in Ann Arbor Upgrade for Second Home Get-Away

This home sits on 40 acres and is used as a second home get-away. The home was built with a oil forced air furnace for heating in Ann Arbor with no A/C. The homeowner requested the addition of A/C, as well as, a way to keep the home comfortable during the cooler months with appropriate heating in Ann Arbor. The homeowner also requested the ability to heat the home in the winter to avoid the possi...

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Manchester House Installs New Heating in Ann Arbor

This older home located in Manchester, MI, that has a boiler system for heating in Ann Arbor.  The owners asked CMR to evaluate the condition of the home and boiler and to recommend a solution to air conditioning.  We met with the customer and recommended to installation of a Mitsubishi Mini Split to provide both supplemental heat and air conditioning to 3 rooms of the home.  Th...

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Finished Basement Ductwork

This is the correct way to finish a basement. It is extremely important to remember to include heating and cooling in your basement plans. Once the basement is finished it is hard to go back and do it again. ...

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Mitsubishi Mini-Split

This is a garden shed that was turned into a writing studio. It is fully insulated and heated and cooled by a Mitsubishi Mini-Split with Hyper heat. This unit will heat and cool the space very efficiently. They are quiet, reliable, and use very little electricity. There is no ductwork required, and no gas lines to install. It is 100% electric and uses the principle of heat transfer to condition t...

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New Construction Home With 16 Specialized Heating & Cooling Zones

Have you ever wanted to design your ideal heating and cooling system designed around your comfort? The owner of this home did just that! This new construction home is served by two Bosch split system 6 ton geothermal units that will heat or cool the home with the help of air handlers and a system of pex (plastic) tubing installed in the first and second floor.  The basement is heated ...

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