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How Do Power Surges Affect Your HVAC System?

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Want to protect your HVAC system from storms?

Are you worried about power surges and how they can affect your HVAC system?

Are you wondering how you can protect your HVAC unit from damage?

While your heating and air conditioning system can withstand the rain, it cannot withstand all power surges. A power surge could result in immediate destruction to your unit, or a slow and steady breakdown from repeated surges - even if it doesn’t show obvious signs of damage at first.

Thinking About Surge Protection?

Lightning is the most powerful form of surge, but the majority of surge-related damage is not caused by lightning. Smaller, daily surges from local power plants have the potential to damage your system. Downed lines or even routine maintenance can send a jolt through the system. Even your own demanding appliances can potentially cause damage to other appliances in your home if not properly protected.

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