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The Role Your Air Conditioner Plays in Indoor Air Quality

Can you imagine enduring a hot summer without air conditioning? 

We certainly can’t! 

Air conditioning is an essential part of maintaining a comfortable home environment, especially during the summer. Have you noticed any change in how clean or fresh the air in your home is since using your air conditioner?

In addition to keeping you and your home cool, air conditioning also plays a huge role in your air quality. 

Here’s how you can be sure your air conditioner is helping you create a healthy and comfortable living space: 


Your air conditioner has filters that are designed to capture dust, pollen, pet dander. Its circulation process helps remove unwanted particles in the air, which creates a cleaner and healthier space. 

Humidity Control 

In addition to regulating temperature, your air conditioner also controls your indoor humidity levels. High levels of humidity promote mold and mildew growth, and contribute to health issues like respiratory problems and allergies. 

By removing excess moisture from your home, air conditioners improve your overall quality of air. 


While air conditioners primarily recirculate indoor air, they also play a role in ventilation. 

Many modern buildings have ventilation systems integrated with their HVAC systems to introduce fresh outdoor air and remove stale indoor air. 
Ventilation like this helps dilute indoor pollutants which is another way to improve indoor environments. 

How to Get the Best Air Quality from Your Air Conditioner? 

Choose the Right System: Look for systems with high-efficiency filters, additional purification features, and energy-efficient designs. Not sure where to start? Consult with us and we’ll help you choose the right system based off your specific indoor air quality needs. 

Maintenance and Regular Servicing: Regular maintenance is needed to make sure your air conditioner continues to contribute positively to your indoor air quality. Scheduling professional inspections and cleanings will keep your filters, coils, and ducts clean and ensure that your system continues running efficiently. No one wants to breathe in dust and other unwanted particles, so don’t neglect this part! 

Schedule an Inspection to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality in Ann Arbor! 

Understanding the role your air conditioner plays in improving your indoor air quality will help you make more informed decisions when selecting and maintaining your HVAC system. 

By prioritizing regular maintenance and choosing the right equipment, you can create a healthier, more comfortable indoor environment for yourself and your family! 

If you have questions on how to improve your indoor air quality in Ann Arbor, contact us. We’d love to help! 

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