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How to Prepare Your HVAC For Fall and Winter

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Want to make sure your HVAC system is ready for the colder months?

Not sure where to start?

Fall is coming to Southeast Michigan, and your HVAC system is hard at work adjusting to the changing temperatures. Before winter hits, it’s important to make sure your system is prepared. This fall, make sure to check these important things off your to-do list:

1. Replace your air filters

The easiest thing you can do at home to keep your system maintained is to regularly check and replace your air filters. Old air filters decrease the efficiency of your HVAC system and put extra strain on the blower. It’s good practice to set a monthly reminder to check your air filter.

2. Monitor the humidity of your home

While air conditioners are keeping your home cool, they’re also removing moisture. When AC usage starts to go down in the fall, the relative humidity in your home will increase.

This will affect different homes in different ways, so the best way to monitor your home’s humidity is to purchase a humidistat. These devices cost only a few dollars and can help you increase the efficiency of your home's HVAC system. Depending on what your humidity levels are at, you’ll be able to adjust your home’s temperature accordingly.

3. Schedule a maintenance visit for your HVAC system

Getting an HVAC inspection in the fall is the best way to prepare your system for the winter. You won’t want to deal with replacing a malfunctioning furnace in the middle of January. A thorough check-up of your system can reveal issues that might need to be addressed. Specifically for furnaces, this inspection can include a number of things depending on the type of furnace you have:

For Gas Furnaces:                                                             

  • Test carbon monoxide levels                          
  • Pull and clean burners, adjust as needed
  • Inspect heat exchanger
  • Clean pilot assembly or flame sensor
  • Test and adjust safety controls
  • Inspect flu pipe and vent system
  • Check draft and perform combustion analysis
  • Check thermostat operation
  • Lubricate all moving parts as needed
  • Check operation of humidifier and replace pad if necessary (pad extra)

For Oil Furnaces:

  • Test carbon monoxide levels
  • Remove and replace nozzle, sharpen and set electrodes
  • Clean heat exchanger with soot vacuum
  • Test and adjust safety controls
  •  Inspect flu pipe and vent system
  • Check thermostat operation
  • Check draft and perform combustion analysis
  • Change standard fuel filter
  •  Lubricate all moving parts if needed

Schedule a Check Up on Your HVAC System Today with the Experts at CMR Mechanical

If you haven't had your HVAC system inspected in a while, scheduling a tune up may be a good idea. Having equipment cleaned and maintained is important to help your system last as long as possible and work efficiently. CMR Mechanical’s trained technicians specialize in checking the health of residential heating and cooling systems and providing services to improve the system’s efficiency. Give us a call at (734) 424-9555 to schedule an inspection of your HVAC system and furnace in Ann Arbor.

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